About Us

What is KMB?

KMB is an online and physical service that lets people send money to their friends and family living abroad using a computer, smartphone or a tablet. It is an easy, fast and secure way to transfer money to your loved ones and a better alternative to conventional banks who charge extortionate fees and rate.

Recipients can receive money as bank deposits or cash pick-ups. KMB can send money to Bangladesh and India.

Global success

Since 2006 the company has established itself as one of the best exchange houses in the UK and has gained recognition from the bank of Bangladesh as the best exchange house in 2016. The key to success for KMB has always been the safe, reliable and trustworthy manner it conducts with its customers. Many companies that started around the same time as KMB were closed due to toughened regulations only KMB survived even after huge obstacles they faced.

KMB is committed to open, transparent and trustworthy business dealing, which has been embedded into the culture of the company.

KMB Money App

Download our app and get a great rate for your money.

  •   Receive instant updates, so you always know where your money is
  •   Benefit from greater biometric security
  •   Beat the rates with real-time currency alerts

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